Movie Talk resources for teachers of Latin (and other languages)

Many teachers are finding that the strategic use of short video clips helps facilitate classroom communication in the target language (in speech or writing). It can be especially helpful for teachers who are just starting out and getting comfortable with classroom strategies like story asking and PQA (personalized question and answer). Here are some links to help teachers get started with strategies, clips and resources.
NB, MovieTalk is not about finding videos in your target language. Most resources are too difficult for beginning students to understand anyway. The best clips have little to no dialogue. You (the teacher) provide the narration, limiting vocabulary so that your students can understand. The video merely supports the input you are providing.

Go here for Latin-specific resources for particular video clips.

Here is the website of Dr. Ashley Hastings, originator of the term, and of this technique of using movie clips to teach language.

Movie talk handout-summary which I presented to my WL colleagues

Keith Toda describes Movie Talk and EdPuzzle in the Latin classroom

Description of how to set up a Movie Talk clip for classroom use (Pomegranate Beginnings website).

Whatever language you teach, Spanish teacher Brian Kandel has shared an immense amount of MT resources.

Dustin Williamson uses MT extensively, and has presented how and why he does it.

See MT in action: with these Demonstration videos:

Martina Bex demonstrates MovieTalk (Spanish)
Alina Filipescu demonstrates MovieTalk (Spanish)
Mike Coxon introduces and demonstrates MovieTalk

Blaine Ray demonstrates Movie Talk.

Links to Movie Talk video clips:

Erica Peplinski has created a searchable database of Movie talk clips—searchguide.html

Jason Fritze has also created such a list