I am available to conduct the following workshops in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. In order to schedule a workshop, or to inquire about other topics, please contact John here.

Introduction to Comprehensible Input

In half-day, all-day, or multi-day sessions, we will cover the basics of the theory of Comprehensible Input, and learn some basic strategies for implementing these ideas in the foreign language classroom. Includes materials, Q and A, and coaching/practice of specific strategies.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

To the Ancient Greeks and Romans, philosophy was not only a way of thinking, but a way of living. Marcus Aurelius and others made use of philosophical teachings, writings and exercises to live in a more intentional and mindful way. This workshop will introduce participants to the basics of ancient philosophy, and a brief survey of some of the more practical writings. The workshop will conclude with a discussion of specific strategies for using these ideas in one’s everyday life.

Introduction to Conversational Latin

In this workshop, students will learn to comprehend and communicate in simple Latin, using a vocabulary consisting of both ancient literary and modern vocabulary words. The goal isĀ  to achieve a comfort level with the language that will allow for further study, either in a classroom setting, or independently.

A modified workshop is available for students or teachers who already have a reading knowledge of Latin, but want to improve their conversational skills.