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New print edition coming out July 2022: Seneca’s Letters to Lucilius: Selections, with Simplified Versions and a Complete Glossary. Available in print and free  electronically (Electronic version has now been partially updated). visit THIS LINK

Newly edited Youtube playlists:

How to Speak Latin
This series of YouTube tutorials takes you from simple phrases “what is your name?” to talking about how you spend your time “what did you do over the weekend?” to reading and discussing a text in Latin. For students, teachers, and anyone interested in using Latin.

Simple Latin explanations and commentary on Classical Latin texts, with links to documents. Read and study the works of Catullus, Seneca and others, in Latin.

I have created a page of resources and links for students and teachers of Latin during the COVID-19 school closures. Feel free to link to this page in your own school resources.I will continue to update this page, so please check back periodically.

Previous workshops:
November 2019, The Menlo School, Atherton, CA “Comprehensible Input for Latin Teachers: An Introduction with Unit Planning Workshop”
View the Slide Presentation

September 12:  Presentation at Comprehensible California. “Structuring CI for Success. “Link to Google Slides Presentation

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