Latin Movie Talk Resources

(for a description of HOW movie talk works, please visit this page)

Here you will find materials that I (and other Latin teachers) have created for specific video shorts. You may have to modify the vocabulary in a reading to meet the needs of your students. If you do this, please share with me, and I will include it on this page.

Bear Story:  Keith Toda’s Latin movie talk resources.

Budweiser Puppy and Horse Super Bowl commercials. Latin resources adapted in part from Keith Toda. (NB, although there is no drinking or inappropriate behavior portrayed, these are beer commercials. Pre-screen them, and know your school community before using them.)

“Cecilia the Balcony Girl” Latin resources from Keith Toda.

“Changing Batteries” Keith Toda’s movietalk resources.

“Doritos Dogs” commercial Latin resources.

“Feast” Latin resources (Piazza).

“Feast” Latin resources (Mercedes Barletta).

“La Luna”  script by Caitlin Halasz.

“Monster in The Closet” Latin movie talk resources from Keith Toda.

Monstrum et Cibus (monster and dumpling, adapted from Keith Toda)
quizlet set for this reading

Oktapodi” featured on the Pomegranate Beginnings MT page, with link to script below the embedded video clip.

“Omelette.”    Latin script by Caitlin Halasz.
find the sentence activity.

“Runaway Fridge” Latin resources.

“Short and Sweet” Latin resources (Keith Toda).

“Simon’s Cat: Cat-Man-Do” script from Grumio Dixon.
Screen cast script assignment for same video.

“Soar”  Movie Talk Latin resources.

“Steadfast Stanley” (Zombies!) Latin Movie Talk resources.

Wizard of Oz Movie Talk clips and readings. This is incomplete, but because there exists a Latin version of the book (with simple adaptations being created by Miriam Patrick and others), there is a lot of potential here.

Here is a collection of links to clips, with descriptions and tie-ins with Latin/Roman culture and literature.