New Book: Seneca’s Letters, Simplified (updated print edition coming in Summer 2021)

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Link to free e-version of this book (Recently updated)

NEW: Resources for Teachers and Students
includes re-formatted texts to use as handouts, and videos for guided reading practice.

This book is intended for anyone who has studied Latin for at least two years, and is interested in beginning to read the Roman authors. This selection of 12 letters includes a simplified version (or tier) of each letter, along with a complete Latin-English glossary. This edition will be especially useful for upper-level high school, and introductory college courses in Roman literature and/or ancient philosophy. This preliminary draft has been published in paperback for minimal markup, and I am offering the electronic version for free. Corrections, suggestions, and other feedback would be appreciated. Please direct all correspondence to my email: john “dot” piazza “at” yahoo “dot” com.

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