Latin Pedagogy Links

Website and blogs created for/by Latin teachers:

My Comprehensible Input Latin page

My Latin resources and articles related to teaching Latin

Keith Toda (

Very very helpful, with practical advice, strategies, activities, and reflections on the process of teaching CI Latin. Great for teachers who are making the transition to CI, or simply want to incorporate a few CI activities into their traditional curriculum.

Rachel Ash and Miriam Patrick (

Another extremely helpful website by teachers who have left textbooks and traditional methods behind. They also publish and sell Latin novels through this site.

Ellie Arnold (

Many helpful resources, descriptions, materials and reflections. Ellie has also started the Teaching Latin for Acquisition facebook group, and hosts weekly Latin Google Hangouts for teachers who want to improve their own communicative Latin proficiency. You can also learn about her Latin novel Cloelia on this site.

Lance Piantaggini (

Combines thoughtful criticism of traditional assumptions around instruction and assessment, with effective alternatives. see especially this page on getting started with CI

John Bracey (

Bracey is working hard to bring Latin to all students in his middle school. His reflections on research, practice, and working with traditional colleagues, will be helpful to all Latin teachers.

Justin Slocum Bailey (

This site for teachers of all languages contains many helpful Latin-specific strategies, plans and resources. Bailey has recently translated Brandon Brown Wants a Dog into Latin.