Story Listening for Latin

This page is for resources for the Latin classroom inspired by the notion of Story Listening, a concept promoted by Beniko Mason. It is not TPRS or storytelling, but belongs under the CI umbrella with other methodologies for teaching language.  For a good summary, see this page.

The basic premise for Story Listening is that the teacher presents simple, understandable and engaging stories to students, without many (or any) additional activities or other forms of academic accountability.

Note that the resources compiled here are not “official”  Story Listening examples. However, they all have in common the idea of presenting to students a simple, understandable and engaging story (as opposed to “asking” a story, or presenting a story that is too difficult for students to understand, thus necessitating frontloading of vocab, intensive follow-up activities, etc.)


Mille Noctes Latin Story Database, containing many simple stories for classroom use.

Latina Hilara. Stories created by Jocelyn Demuth.

Listen-Write-Draw: an activity for students to do during or after being told a story.

Smash Doodle. A creative way for students to interact with a story and demonstrate their understanding.

Lance Piantaggini’s videos of simple Myth stories (with downloadable texts).

Jessie Craft’s videos describing aspects of ancient life, and telling simple myths (texts will be available soon).

[more links coming soon]