online latin novels

This page contains (in no particular order) links to all the Latin novel/novella/chapter books that are currently being made available to Latin teachers during the COVID 19 closures. (If you still have access to school funds, consider purchasing some books from these kind authors for use next year)

Cloelia by Ellie Arnold, still available free online

Peter Sipes: Sisyphus, Rex Improbus

Laura Berg has posted “1. a pretty straight-forward tale of Hercules’ adventures – basically a simplified version of Hyginus, plus a few more sources. — “Hercules_MaximusHeros”2. a story about Fabia (the chief Vestal at the time of the Catilinarian Conspiracy) – talks about birthday rituals, the Vestalia, and the choosing of a new Vestal. — “Fabia_et_flamma_Vestae”

Magister Buczek has shared his text and resources for Fabula Dioclis et Florae

Magister Piantaggini has shared a folder of all his Pisoverse preview texts

Miriam Patrick says: “If anyone wants Pomegranate Press Books items, shoot us an email and we’ll see what you need!”

Arianne Belzer has offered to share her novellas. Contact her at this email: