NLE review


This page contains links which will help students review for the National Latin Exam.

Download previous exams (with answer keys) dating back to 1999.
(scroll down to the links by year)

Note: if you are in Latin 1, you will prepare for the “Beginning” level B,  NOT the “intro to Latin.” However, you should start practicing with the “intro to Latin” level A tests.

NLE Online practice app
(be sure to select the right level from the first drop down bar)

More NLE practice questions:

Non- NLE practice questions that will help you with NLE

Need help with the noun and verb endings? Visit this page

Outlines of Roman history, mythology , etc.:

a school in Florida has put together a page full of helpful resources for learning everything about Roman history

Outline of Greek and Roman Mythology:

Other websites containing helpful information and advice for NLE success:

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