On this page, I will be collecting various notes, reminders, references, and materials related to my own study of the DRN, as well as a preliminary blueprint for  introducing this author to students in their third or fourth year of Latin study.

Primary sources: texts translations and commentaries

ad usum delphni edition

Loeb library edition, with translation by the great Latin pedagogue WHD Rouse

student edition by Bonnie Catto:  this seems to be really the only addition that one could put in front of high school students, and have it be of any help.

Selections, oxford

A great source for a philosophical and literary introduction, as well as very helpful in selected passages to read, and introducing them with pros introductions, literary and start a context, as well as Quotes for later author quotes from later authors s influenced by L.


secondary sources:

Charles Segal:  Lucretius on Death and Anxiety. Princeton University press.   This book is out of print, or more precisely, print on demand. Having read the preface on Google books, it is clear to me that this is a very important treatment of L.   This author has written so inspiring late about the Odyssey, in other words, I am looking forward to spending more time with his in-depth treatment of drn .  He has a very concise way of talking about the ideas and their significance, through a close examination of his literary style. All this seems to bring out how important the literary poetic structure is, not just as an ornament, or a sweetening  of the bitter medicine many think philosophy to be.

David Sedley Encyclopedia article for Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: