Language Teacher Resources

Whether you need specific examples of classroom practices (all languages), or simple explanations of research that supports CI-based teaching, the following links will help you.


Chris Stolz (

Carrie Toth (

Martina Bex (

Ben Slavic ( )

His book “TPRS in a Year” is a great place to begin. You can download sections of it for free, in addition to other useful information.

Lance Piantaggini (

see especially this page on getting started with CI

Justin Slocum Bailey (

This website contains research, strategies, resources and inspiration for teachers and learners of languages.

Terry Waltz  ( is a very experienced TPRS teacher, and a learner of many languages via TPRS. She has helpful advice for bringing teachers back to core practices.

Susan Gross ( ) trains language teachers in the TPRS method. Visit this page for summaries of key concepts and techniques.

Laurie Clarcq not only co-developed Embedded Reading strategies, but she also writes a blog, Hearts For Teaching, which addresses the daily struggles to care for children, and provides the moral support that many teachers need.

Eric Richards has shared some helpful strategies for encouraging student writing. see especially “grafted writing”