Planning year 2

Unit 1: intro review

reminders of daily procedures and expectations (see year 1 description)

bringing new students into the group (we have an occasional transfer from another school, or freshman who took Latin in middle school)

daily in-class reading of easy Latin. (2 weeks)

This will alternate between: silent fvr, small group reading aloud (in english), class reading and discussion, students sharing what they read (in spoken and written Latin), review of Movie Talks from previous year. If students are not making good use of the free time (though the first days, I expect more socializing, as they catch up with each other, if groups and individuals have trouble settling into a reading routine, then it is important to do more guided reading/discussion including movie talk review.)

Unit 2 (overlaps with above): zodiac project

Students will research the signs of the zodiac, the symbols, stories and character traits associated with each sign. Students then create a google slides page describing their birth date, sign, myth, traits (positive and negative), famous person who shares their sign. I will spend time each day discussing (in Latin) a few students’ slides, until I have talked about everyone.

handouts and materials:

Traits by sign, english and latin

Emotions, traits vocabulary

Zodiac sentence frames, for paragraph

Zodiac student questionnaire (where they ask each other)


Unit 3: more myths

Baucis et Philemon (roman virtues)

detailed unit description following my CI template.
folder containing all my B et P materials,(many of them modified from Gwinnett curriculum) including dictatio, embedded readings, virtues work, tests and quizzes, etc.
NB: while the movie talk for a 3 pigs animated short works great, the one I found and used last year (Disney from the 1930’s) unfortunately contains anti-semitic imagery. I will be looking for a newer version, and will make minor changes to the MT materials.

niobe folder –similar format as the above materials

Extended essay. students will summarize previous two stories, compare and contrast, discuss each in terms of Roman virtues that are represented, and end with their opinion (see Baucis et Philemon folder above for templates, sentence frames, etc)

(jessie craft videos interspersed)

unit 4 Latin novella: piso
this will be my first time teaching this novel, though I have had it in my fvr library since it was published. I will be using both the online (free “piso for creators”) and print teacher resources (teacher and student guides). All materials and info can be found at this Piso web page

unit 5

trojan war and aeneas

unit 6 magus mirabilis (oz)

unit 7 intro to Roman poetry (selections)

final project: Latin myth storybook