First vocabulary handout

I like to give students a handout containing the following vocabulary, either during or right after the first week. This gives anxious students a handy reference. But most importantly, it shows students just how many words they have learned after a few hours of exposure To the language. Feel free to copy, paste, and modify as needed.

here is a word doc for download

Classroom objects and basic phrases for the first weeks:
magister – teacher (m)
discipulus—student (m)
discipuli/discipulae – students (m/f)
salve – hello (to one person)
salvēte – hello (to more than one person)
quod est tibi nomen? –what is your name?
mihi nomen est… –my name is
vale – goodbye (to one person)
valēte – goodbye (to more than one person)
est – is, there is, it is
sunt—are, there are, they are
non – not, no
ita—yes (also “sic”)
ita vero – yes indeed (also “certe”)
aut – or
quid? – what?
quis? – who?
ubi? – where?
cur? – why?
stilus – pen
graphis – pencil
receptāculum—trash can
mensa – table, desk
sella – chair
ianua – door
fenestra – window
tabula – board (white board, Smart board)
epitonium – light switch
telephonulum—cell phone

ludit – plays (a sport)
amat ludere likes to play (a sport)
harpasto –football
pediludio – soccer
canistripilā – basketball
basipilā –baseball
videoludis – video games
canit—plays (a musical instrument)
amat canere: likes to play (an instrument)
saxophone –saxophōno
bass—contrabasso (electrico)
violin– violīnā
guitar—citharā Hispanicā (electricā)
flute—tibiā transversali
tambourine –tympaniolum
clarinet–tibiā clarisonā

academicus/a – academic
studiosus/a – studious
otiosus/a – lazy, relaxed
confusus /a –confused
latrina – bathroom
aqua – water
est manifestum (it is clear)
non est manifestum (it is not clear)
quid significat____?—what does _____ mean?
quomodo dicitur Latine _____? (how do you say ______ in Latin?)
laetus/a – happy
fessus/a – tired
aegrotus/a – sick
abest – is absent
adest – is present
-ne (after the first word indicates a question) est-ne stilus? “is it a pen?”