Class rules–poster and rubric

With renewed enthusiasm from NTPRS, I am reworking my classroom poster and weekly self-assessment rubric. This poster has its origins in Ben Slavic’s online PLC.  Bob Patrick and the other teachers at Park View High have renamed it DEA (daily engagement assessment)

Below you will find the text from my poster (which could be accompanied by an image of Minerva, or some other strict goddess), and the text of a simple rubric.

Poster text:


“Don’t mess with DEA!”

  1. Listen with your full attention (eye contact and posture)
  1. No BLURTING or side conversations
  1. Signal whenever Magister is not clear
  1. Make CONSTRUCTIVE contributions to class
  1. Good Will Attitude

Do your 50%, and you will get 100%!

[update: the Pericles Group has made these rules into a nice poster. Only $1 for a printable file, and you can take it to Staples for a reasonably priced poster sized print]


How well did you do your job as a Latin student this week? Rate yourself honestly on each item and total the “ita” answers at the bottom.

  1. I listened with the intent to understand .             ITA MINIME
  2. I made eye contact with the teacher at least 80% of the time. ITA MINIME
  3. I used hand signals to let the teacher know what I needed.         ITA MINIME
  4. I responded when called upon, individually and with the group. ITA MINIME
  5. I made positive contributions to class disucssions/activities.   ITA MINIME
  6. I avoided speaking in English during Latin discussion.                ITA MINIME
  7. I avoided interrupting anyone in any language ITA MINIME
  8. I avoided side conversations during class                         ITA MINIME
  9. I kept an attitude of good will toward everyone in the room.       ITA MINIME
  10. I had only (Latin) class-related materials on my desk or in my hands. ITA MINIME



                                                                                    Total Grade:                ____/10