Latin Rejoinders (call and response phrases)

I am copying this information from a thread on the Teaching Latin For Acquisition facebook group, so that people can access it more easily.

Traci Miller Posted:

Ok Latin think tank… Lance Piantaggini and Jenn Jarnagin brainstormed a few latin call and response phrases (AKA choral response phrases where you shout out half of the phrase and the students finish). Spanish has really great ones of course (nada nada…limonada; choco choco…late)

What do you use in your classrooms? Can we put our brains together and expand the list? Some of these only rhyme and others have great rhythm! We could use some silly ones and I would love to see one with “Roma/Italia” or “SPQR” or famous Romans’ names…

sum stulta…..mea culpa
quid agis……nihil magis
noli anglice…..tantum latine
te doceo…galileo
“O tempora! O mores!”
Illuc ivi / illud feci
Aut viam inveniam / aut faciam
Timeo Danaos / dona ferentes

Post culinam / ad latrinam?
Vade mecum / vado tecum
Amantes / amentes
O testudo / tecum ludo

Carthago / delenda est
Mica mica / parva stella!
Est difficultas/eheu!
Arma virumque/ cano (with accent on the a!)
Novus ordo saec-/ lorum.
Raeda in fossa/ eheu.
Senatus / Populusque Romanus
omnia vincit… / amor!
fortuna fortibus… / favet!
quo usque… / tandem!
susque deque…/ fero!
nil suave…/ quod perpetuum!
camelus…/ saltat!
rem acu…/ tetigisti!
vox nulla… / secuta est! (Ovid. Met. III.201 re: Actaeon)
vae nostris… / natibus! (Heyden dialog. 18)
armenti…/ gloria! (Ovid. Ars Am. I.290)
nota…/ cano! (Ovid. Ars Am. I.297)
semibovemque virum… / semivirumque bovem! (Ovid. Ars Am. II.24)
nisi caves… / iacebis! (Gell. N.A. III.8)

Brekekek/ koax, koax.

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