FVR book levels

FVR library update. Last week, I put labels on my books to reflect my level system. The idea is that i want to encourage my students to read all the level A books, then all the level B, etc, on up to E, which is basically Caesar (D and E are not labeled yet, but are in one bin). I am not using strict word count or other criteria, but rather my students’ feedback on their experience of what they actually can read with ease and enjoyment–your results may vary. Also, I chose letters instead of numbers so that students don’t make an association with Latin level and feel bad if e.g. they’re having trouble with a 3 book but they are in Latin 3. The point of all this is to be consciously DESCRIPTIVE (students can and do read these books at this level) NOT PRESCRIPTIVE (you should be reading at this level) There will certainly be some overlap between levels, and, as I mentioned, some of you might choose to categorize some books differently based on your students, but I hope this is helpful.

My next step is to give students this CHECKLIST encouraging them to work their way through it, by level.

Level A selections:

Level B selections:

Level C selections:

Level D-E selections:

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