Draw Pass Write

Draw-Pass-Write for the foreign language classroom
by John Piazza

Here is how I use an activity I call Draw Pass Write

I use it as a review of a reading they know well, leading up to a test.

  1. pass out blank paper, students fold them in 4’s, put their name at top left (you can also hand out a template, see below)
  2. with story in front of them, students spend 4 minutes sketching a scene from the story in one square (top left), leaving room at top of bottom for a caption.
  3. After 4 min, I tell them to pass the paper (forward, backward, left, right)
  4. Students spend 2 minutes writing a caption in the TL to the pic. They may quote or paraphrase the reading, which is in front of them.
  5. repeat steps 2-4 until there are 4 pics and 4 captions.
  6. paper goes back to the original illustrator (name in top left). That student must correct/add to the captions.

Students hand these in, then I scan them into pdf on my school copier (it emails scans to me)

Next day, I project these images on the screen for discussion or writing sentences, or timed write prep, etc.

There are many variations to this activitiy, depending on one’s learning goals.

I borrowed the idea in this form, more or less from Lance Piantaggini. Download template here: http://magisterp.com/ci-materials/

Here is Bex’s description.