Student Responses to Latin at Berkeley High

“Mr. Piazza is easily one of my favorite teachers at BHS. He’s really helpful and super easy to talk to and gives easy tests but still teaches a lot. The people in the class are all great and you get to become really good friends with the people because you’re sticking with them for all four years. Everyday in the class feels like a party but if you don’t pay attention then you’ll fall behind. Ask him about Arinell’s Pizza (it’s his favorite) and be sure to join Latin club for extra credit!”

Very knowledgeable and kind teacher, but the steep learning curve you’d expect from a Latin 1/2 class just isn’t there. If you’re not feeling challenged enough, ask him, and he’ll always have more work for you.

Sure his style was different but he definitely knows what he’s talking about. Paying attention in his class will result in an unexpected appreciation for the language of Latin, and new approaches to comprehension. Be patient, and hear him out instead of disregarding his knowledge of Latin.

I really enjoy Mr. Piazza’s class. Some people think that they don’t learn anything in his class, but I just think his teaching style is unobtrusive, in that you learn without even realizing that you’re learning.