AP Latin videos

Here you will find links to the YouTube channels of teachers who have recorded tutorials covering many or all of the AP Latin reading list. Using these, a student can independently cover and or/review the entire curriculum in a relatively short time. Each teacher has a different style, so browse different channels and see which one works best for you. I recommend that you print out the Latin text, and annotate the text as you go, so you can review before the test. You can also annotate a text within google docs, using the notes function.

Magister Yaggy

Magister Hogue

Magister Maust

Magister Davis (of Miramonte HS in Orinda)

Another useful channel (not sure who the teacher is)

Benjamin Johnson (aka “latintutorial” on youtube)
So far, he has made only a few videos on book 1 of the Aeneid, but they are very well-produced.

Here is a link to the current AP reading list

For grammar video tutorials, check out this page (many links to latintutorial):

Here is a page containing links to simple texts, for teachers and students who want to try a more gradual ramping up to unadapted AP texts (especially Vergil)