Some European Benedictine Abbeys, as seen by One American Monk

by Thomas Piazza

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Amazon Link to order this book

From the back cover:

Over the centuries Benedictines went through many cycles of growth and decline. The most recent cycle began with the renewal of monastic life in the 19th century, reached its high point in the 1960s, and has been declining ever since.

This work captures the details of how Benedictine life was lived at its high point in the 1960s, before the major changes introduced by the Second Vatican Council. As such, it is an important historical resource, especially for those trying to develop new forms of monastic life.

Thomas Piazza (1939-2024) was a Benedictine monk during the 1960s and has written many articles on Benedictine membership trends for the American Benedictine Review. He earned his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley, and was a specialist in survey research there for many years.

(the author, at the time of his ordination in 1965)

Amazon link to order this book

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below: images from the original edition, which was circulated among the Benedictine Abbeys in the United States in the 1960’s