CJCL State Convention

Hello BHS Latin  Parents

NEWLY UPDATED March 26 2019

Most information (including schedule “blue book)  about the event can be found HERE:

Also, there is a REMIND:  text “@cajcl to 81010

Dates, times, logistics:
Where: Miramonte High School,  750 Moraga Way, Orinda, CA 94563
When: Friday march 29 3:30-10:30
Saturday March 30: 8:00am-10:30 pm
Chapter registration for the convention is at 3:30 pm on Friday Mar 29. We will be assigned a home base room, and activities will begin right away. Dinner is served from 4:30-6:30.
The first day ends late in the evening,10:30 pm, including  night activities like escape room, movies, and stargazing. Students should stay as late as possible, because it is a lot of fun.
Then, the festivities continue all day Saturday, from early morning  until late in the evening again.
It is important that students arrive at or before 8:00 AM on Saturday.
We need time to get dressed in Roman garb (mandatory) for the big assembly on Saturday morning. Also, a hot catered breakfast will be served at 7:30
Getting to the event (especially Friday), is not difficult on public transit. there is a bus from Orinda BART. I have recommended that students leave school at lunchtime on Friday, in order to avoid rush hour.
Students and parents should coordinate pick-ups in the evenings, since it will likely be late. Parents who need to pick up earlier, can do so at 8:15 on Friday, and 7:15 on Saturday (though they will miss dinner)


Drivers are needed, to and from, and at least one parent chaperone would be very helpful, as I will also have duties to attend to during the convention.

While we will do our best to help coordinate, it is up to students and their parents to communicate with each other to arrange rides to and from this event. Communicate in advance, so no one is left waiting for their ride.

Previous info:
What is the JCL State Convention?
Some of you may be wondering what in the world the JCL State convention is. Picture this: 1500 or more high school students in togas, taking over a high school campus, full of enthusiasm to be around other students who share their love of all things classical, Latin, mythological, historical, ancient, etc. Imagine a 2-day conference in which students can indulge in everything related to the classical world, from art and performance workshops, to gladiator-style sword fights, to chariot races and catapult competitions, to sporting events (modern and ancient sports); often there is a quidditch game (they run around holding small brooms, really!). There are also academic competitions, and Latin poetry recitals, musical performances, banquets, a dance… I could go on. In short, it is an amazing experience for any Latin student. For many, it is the highlight of their school year.
OK, so now my kid wants to go. What are the details?
Every year the convention alternates North and South, because it serves all of California. Luckily, this is a Northern California year. This means we don’t have to take the additional time and expense of transportation and lodging (although that is a lot of fun too!). The all-inclusive registration fee is $100, (cash or check to John Piazza) by March 1. Because of our successful bake sale, we can offer a scholarship of $50 to a limited number of students. For families in greater need, there might be other sources of funding. Please contact Mr. Piazza directly as soon as possible if you are in need–we want all students who are interested to attend, regardless of financial situation.
How much does this cost?
It’s actually an amazing deal at $100. Remember, this is ALL INCLUSIVE, for 2 days of convention, meals, activities, art supplies, and many other varieties of fun.
So please discuss this with your Latin enthusiast, and let me know if you have any follow up questions. I will be happy to answer any and all questions, and provide complete details once you sign on.
Here is the convention website, where you can download forms, and a complete program of events: